"Called & Chosen"

This painting shows a young girl who has been called and chosen by GOD (YAHVEH) to be one of HIS children, because she has a heart that has chosen to love, yield, believe, trust and follow HIM. She has decided to follow HIS ways despite the persecutions and ridicules of the people around her. It hasnít been easy being the one who is different (the black sheep) but her heart stays pure and forgiving. She has chosen to walk the walk of the calling upon her life, which is a difficult walk, but she does it in obedience, & faithfulness.

As she grows in the ways and understanding of GOD she walks the road that is put before her. The road takes her to places that are not easy, and as the wolves come out they try to kill, steal and destroy her, but her Heavenly FATHER GOD has sent her a guardian angel to watch over her and protect her. She continues to walk one-step and one day at a time trusting in her GOD. Rejections and loneliness try to overpower her but she overcomes their oppression and is freed as she draws closer to the LORD. She allows and welcomes the HOLY SPIRIT to fill her with HIS presence and power and to guide, teach and comfort her. She is filled with such a peace, love and joy that carryís her through the hard walks set before her. She doesnít allow the cares of the world to get a hold of her heart. Is this you?

The dove above her head represents the presence of the HOLY SPIRIT in and upon her life. The guardian angel shows the protection GOD gives to HIS Children. This is her guardian angel, sent by the Living GOD. As you can see the shadow of his wing, it casts a shadow of the cross of CHRIST, whom he is obedient to. This angel would not allow the wolves to harm or destroy her. For truly GOD gives His angels charge over His Children. Psalm 91:1. Her plain clothing represents the humility that she wore. Her tenderness and care is also shown towards the sheep, which represents GODS Children. She is a loving, gentle, funny, tender caretaker of them. She isnít abusive, controlling, or neglectful in anyway. She shows and lives out the FATHERíS Love. And her life is not her own, it belongs to the ONE who gave her life and she fears not even death. For the second death she will not know, for she goes right to the FATHER and LORD JESUS CHRIST for Heaven is her home.

I know one like her, she was called home to Heaven in Sept.1998, she is my dearly beloved Mother whom I will always love and I owe her faithfulness into praying me and our family and friends into the Kingdom of GOD. Thanks Momma.

Sincerely, Dana Hanson