"Children Of The Tribal King"

This painting was my first painting I did after the LORD allowed me to quit work and begin to paint for Him in 2000. This painting started the beginning of Lord Warmington Studio. This painting represents the way Creator GOD intended for All Nationalities of people to live. First in Union with Creator GOD and then with all mankind and the earth and everything in it. For Creator GOD represents One True GOD externally existing in 3 persons, CREATOR GOD, SON and GREAT SPIRIT.

CREATOR GOD has purposed that every Tribe, tongue and Nation be lifted up to their place in HIS Body, the Body of CHRIST so the whole Body can come together as One, All working together side by side.

We are to make every effort to keep the Unity of the SPIRIT through the bond of peace. There is only One Body and One SPIRIT just as we were all called to One hope, in One LORD, One faith, One baptism, One CREATOR GOD, FATHER of all, who is over all and through all in all. Ephesians 4:3-6

Even though we have all broken CREATOR GODS laws and done many wrongs- Creator GOD our FATHER offers us forgiveness and eternal life with HIM, we only need to repent which is stop sinning and to and ask HIM for forgiveness and accept it, believe what Creatorís SON CHRIST JESUS has done for us. This is not white mans religion, this All mans Religion. Romans 5:8 says CREATORíS SON our TRIBAL KING sacrificed HIS life so that we could have complete fellowship with our CREATOR and be restored to right relationship with HIM and our brothers, sisters and everything in the earth.

Itís up to you. Will you not accept FATHER CREATORS LOVE? HE said if you will confess with your mouth that HIS SON JESUS is LORD, and believe in your heart that CREATOR GOD raised HIM from the dead you will be savedÖ for everyone who calls upon the name of JESUS CHRIST will be saved. Romans 10:9-13

Prayer: Dear Creator GOD, I confess my sin to YOU and ask that YOU would forgive me of them All. I ask that YOUR SON JESUS would come and be my LORD and SAVIOR and YOU would fill me with YOUR GREAT SPIRIT. Lead me in YOUR TRUTH; show me YOUR path each day for the rest of my life here on earth. This I ask in JESUS YOUR SONíS NAME.

You can go to Broken Walls or to Elijah List to hear and read other brothers and sisters who are anointed by CREATOR GOD. They have anointed cdís and words to help anyone searching for the TRUTH.

Sincerely, Dana Hanson