"Ezekiel Chapter One"

During the prophet Ezekielís captivity in Babylon, he received a vision of the Glory of GOD which involved the presence of the ďfour living creaturesĒ The Cherubim of Ezekielís vision were complex creatures; however their purpose was extremely important. They were sent to Ezekiel I believe as an indication of the intervention of a truly sovereign GOD on the behalf of mankind. The whole vision speaks of the Glory of GOD moving swiftly and sovereignly upon the earth and in the heaven to accomplish HIS HOLY purposes and judgments. From reading Ezekiel we see the Glory of GOD, associated with the cherubim, judging the sin of Israel, the sin of the nations, of the people and intervening on behalf of Israel to bring about the accomplishments of GODS promised ultimate blessing upon HIS Chosen Nation in the millennial kingdom.

Cherubim were also seen how they emphasize GODíS presence and holiness in their symbolic form upon the mercy seat, the lid of the Ark of the Covenant. These things were kept in the inner most sanctuary of the tabernacle where GODĒS Shekinah glory was pleased to dwell with HIS people. There GOD met sinful man on the basis of blood sacrifice and through a GOD given priesthood. Inside the ark there were items that were reminders of GODíS gracious provisions scorned and rejected by man. When the high priest would enter once a year to sprinkle the blood of the atonement for sin on the mercy seat, the blood would grant entrance to GOD and atone for sins (Leviticus 17) The cherubim, proclaimers of GODíS holiness, would symbolically look down and see the sprinkled blood on the mercy seat covering the sins of the people as symbolized by the items under the lid of the ark. (Golden pot of manna, Aaronís rod that budded, and the tablets of the law) Heb. 9

All of this GOD-Designed imagery points forward to CHRIST, who would shed HIS BLOOD not just to cover sins but to put them away by the sacrifice of HIMSELF (Heb.25 Ė26). In witnessing the sprinkling of the divinely provided blood, ďthe cherubim of gloryĒ (Heb. 9) were not only protectors of GODíS (YAHVEHS) Glory but proclaimers of the grace of GOD that provides salvation and access for man, through JESUS CHRIST (YESHUA).

The Old Testament symbolism goes along with the New Testament and how the WORD OF GOD was meant for giving us direction, hope, and understanding of a truly Loving GOD who does care about all the people in this entire world. But HE has left the choice up to us. Do we choose HIM and follow HIM or not? Itís all up to us. Let us not be like the people whom were judged for their sin but instead are forgiven by the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. Repent, turn away from sin and get right with the LIVING GOD, by accepting JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH into our hearts for HE ALONE is our complete answer. HIS Love has given us the choice and chance to receive HIM or reject HIM, itís up to us. HE does love you. Will you at least give HIM a chance before itís too late? Ask GOD to forgive you of your sins, and ask JESUS to come into your life and be LORD of your life, and then ask that the HOLY SPIRIT fill you, but only if you really mean it.

Sincerely, Dana Hanson