"Israel Your God Is With You"

This is what I saw in a vision during worship. I saw a young boy walking with a lamb and as he was walking he was looking up and the presence of GOD (YAHVEH) was shinning down upon him making a way in the darkness for him. I saw three wolves in the background, but there was no fear in this child. This young boy was so entrusted to and with his GOD that there was no reason what so ever to even entertain a thought of fear. Because he knew his Abba GOD would protect him no matter what. The lamb represents JESUS (YESHUA) the true Messiah who is walking side by side with this young boy.

I remember asking the HOLY SPIRIT what little boys face should I use to put on this little boy? And HE prompted me to use our friend’s Dennis and Angela Kline’s sons face whose name is Israel. I thought great, he is such a cute little guy it would be perfect!

But then the HOLY SPIRIT dropped the revelation into my spirit about the true meaning of what HE was showing me, HE said “ Israel not as the boy you know, but ISRAEL as a Nation has continually walked amongst the wolves, especially in the days at hand, but I AM GOING TO SHOW MY FACE AND LEAD ISRAEL THROUGH AND OUT FROM AMONGST THE WOLVES.”

So as you see the little boy represents (the Nation of ISRAEL) walking amongst the wolves (spiritual enemies) with his spotless and fearless LAMB, (JESUS-YESHUA THE MESSIAH) and the rays of light representing the presence of the LIVING GOD-YAHVEH shinning down upon him (ISRAEL) and his feet. “KNOW THIS OH NATION OF ISREAL YOUR GOD (YAHVEH) IS WITH YOU!” FEAR NOT! TURN YOUR HEARTS TO HIM.

Psalm 121 “I lift up my eyes to the hills where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD (YAHVEH) the Maker of heaven and earth. HE will not let your foot slip-HE who watches over you will not slumber; indeed, HE who watches over ISRAEL will neither slumber nor sleep. The LORD watches over you- the LORD is your shade at your right hand; the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night. The LORD will keep you from all harm- HE will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and your going both now and forevermore.”

“Give us help in time of trouble, for the help of man is useless. Through you oh GOD (YAHVEH) we will do radiantly, for it is YOU who shall tread down our enemies.” Psalm 108:12, 13

“Hear the WORD OF THE LORD, O Nations; proclaim it in the distant coastlands; HE who scattered ISRAEL will gather them and will watch over HIS flock like a shepherd. For the LORD will ransom Jacob and redeem them from the hand of those stronger than they.” Jeremiah 31:10-11

Sincerely, Dana Hanson