"One In Messiah"

As believers in CHRIST JESUS- YESHUA THE MESSIAH we need to come together in unity to love one another no matter what our back grounds or bloodline. JESUS said HE came for the JEW first then the Gentile. (Gentiles =All other nations) JESUS YESHUA THE MESSIAH represents the Olive tree which is also a symbol of the spiritual heritage of the Jewish people. By GODS (YAHWEHS) Love, Mercy and Grace Gentile believers have the Divine privilege of being grafted in and part of GODS family. As braches draw life from the root so we draw life from JESUS. As natural branches and grafted in branches we both share the same Life Line-JESUS- YESHUA THE MESSIAH.

Through faith in JESUS-MESSIAH both Jews and Gentile believers draw equally from the spiritual roots that represent Israelís historical & personal relationship with the ONE TRUE GOD YAHWEH.

JESUS arms are extended out to the Jewish man on HIS right and the other man- (who represents the Gentiles of All other Nationalities) on HIS left. JESUS and HIS tallit extend to both men. JESUS tallit intertwines with their garments, and represents how their hearts and lives are intertwined together in Unity, as ONE, first with YESHUA- JESUS- MESSIAH and then with each other. They all three are in Covenant relationship with each other, they are ONE IN MESSIAH.

True Christianity comes from the WORD OF GOD and from the religious tradition and culture of ancient Israel. Those who confess to be Christians need to understand we are truly part of Israel, we do not replace Israel or the Jewish people, we join them as One family. IF we do NOT treat them as brothers and sisters with love and humility then we have failed not only them but the WORD and HEART of the ONE TRUE GOD. The Apostle Paul even stressed this, read Romans chapters 9 and 11

It is time Church to understand the hour in which we live for we cannot say we are Christians if we donít love our brother and sisters the Jews and treat them as our own, along with all believers no matter their bloodline.

JESUS is Jewish HIS homeland was Israel. One of HIS most frequented places was the garden of Gethsemane where HE spent much of HIS time praying. HIS love goes out to All people, first to the Jew and then to the Gentile. JESUS loves all mankind, wanting All to be united with HIM sharing together HIS blessings and partaking in a glorious relationship with HIM, GOD the FATHER and the HOLY SPIRIT. Rejoice for you can be grafted into the OLIVE TREE- YESHUA MESSIAH- JESUS.

Sincerely, Dana Hanson