"Our Storm Shelter"

This lighthouse is built upon a firm foundation, which represents JESUS who is our Rock, the cornerstone, our firm, solid foundation. Itís important to have a home built on a firm foundation not only in the natural but also in the spiritual. If you build a house in the natural that is built on an unstable foundation and the storms come, that foundation is going to crumble and the house will fall and be destroyed. Itís the same in the spiritual. If you build your life (house) on trusting in yourself, your own strength, false gods, false belief systems, or false religions, it will crumble and you will be devastated when the big storms come. But if you build your life (house) on the REAL JESUS, when the storms come, you will not be destroyed and youíll be kept safe in the midst of the storm.

If you look into the windows of the lighthouse there are faces of people smiling because they are safe and at peace knowing that their LORD JESUS CHRIST is protecting them. Those on the outside that are trusting in JESUS will not be disappointed for HE will lead them to the lighthouse (the place WITHIN HIMSELF). Many of GODS children havenít yet made it to HIM, but many are still coming to know HIM. And as they make their way to HIM HE will show them and Light, and make a way for them.

The small child shows that when we have faith like that of a child, which is total Trust, that even though the circumstances looks hard, scary, and impossible, if we just take one step at a time and keep our eyes on JESUS HE will light the way in the darkness and make a way for us to HIM. HE will calm the waters in the storm. And make a way just for you.

In reality if youíre in a boat on the ocean waters and a storm approaches. There are usually heavy rains, high winds, fog, or just darkness; you truly would need a Light to guide you to safety. IF there isnít one to guide you, you could die, because you could end up going farther out into deeper waters and capsizing. You could hit the rocks and be eaten by sharks or freeze to death or drown. Many horrible things could happen. And sometimes the storms come upon you so quickly that you havenít time to prepare, but when a storm comes and youíre out there and there is a light to guide you, it can save your life.

And JESUS is truly our light in the darkness. There is much darkness all around us and it is growing even darker. But as it grows darker and as the storms approach us we have a SAVIOR,, A friend, and a light to guide us, to a place of safety, a place of warmth, a place of refuge, and a place of rest. And Only JESUS CHRIST is all of these. He alone is our STORM SHELTER.

You can know that no matter how severe the storm, how strong the winds, how thick the fog, how high the waves, how many sharks are waiting for us, how dark it is, how cold it is, that the LORD will lead us through them all by looking to, trusting in, and reaching out to the one who is able The LORD JESUS CHRIST.

I know because Iíve been that child standing there feeling all alone, feeling the coldness of people all around, feeling the problems in life that blew my way, to the point of wanting to give up, feeling the presence of the devil waiting to devour me, feeling like I couldnít see one step in front of me, feeling the fear of wave after waves of hopelessness, despair, depression, rejection and unworthiness. But when I would cry out for help I would find that Light in the darkness and HIS name is JESUS CHRIST. HE took me by the hand and led me through them all.

Like the painting HE is standing in front of us with HIS arms open wide and a smile on HIS face and making a way for us to come to HIM. HE will help us feel like we belong because we are special; we are loved, and important to HIM. We will feel safe, be able to rest, we will know we are one of HIS children. We will feel HIS LOVE. HE is truly the Light of the world and HEíS waiting to rescue you. Just call out to HIM and HE will answer you, HE will do for you what he did for me. Trust Him. Take the first step of faith For HE IS YOUR STORM SHELTER.


Sincerely, Dana Hanson