"Shepherd King"

JESUS CHRIST is our Chief Shepherd; HE is the KING and UTLIMATE AUTHORITY. HE IS SHEPHERD KING. Here in the U.S.A. we donít see any shepherds like the way they described it in days when JESUS walked the earth. When living in Europe we had the opportunity to see the way the real shepherds take care of their sheep. The Shepherds would sit for hours with their sheep, rain or shine, good weather or bad, they truly protected and took care of each sheep. They had wool capes they would wear when the weather was cold, and they also carried a staff. When he felt it was time to move on he would call or whistle and the sheep would follow. They recognized his voice and trusted in his guidance and safety. In the United States I remember going out to my cousinís in the summers and they had sheep. However their sheep were not shepherded, they were penned in. They just ate in the fields and were left to fend for themselves. If a wolf or coyote came they were goners. There was no real affection or love for the sheep; they were just animals that brought them an income, just like some pastors today.

It wasnít until I had the opportunity to see a real shepherd in Germany that made the scriptures come alive to understanding the Shepherd and the sheep. We are called sheep in the way that sheep need to be watched over and protected against their adversaries. The wolf is one of their main enemies, depending where the sheep are geographically located. Sheep are easily targeted by the more aggressive meat-eating animals. Sheep are more docile, and obedient to leading, unlike goats, who are not docile but strong willed and rebellious.

The painting I did represents JESUS OUR SHEPHERD KING who protects feeds, loves and cares for every sheep of HIS. The little lamb on His shoulders shows that when one gets hurt, HE will take care of them and even carry them if they need to be carried. Sometimes the little ones get hurt by the older ones pushing them, stepping on them or by them getting into predicaments because of their lack of maturity. You will see the shadow that JESUS makes; itís that of the Cross, for HE gave up HIS life so we could have one. You will see the Jewish symbol of the Star of David, thatís because of the Love that JESUS- YESHUA has for HIS people the Jews and (Gentiles= all other Nations who belong to HIM)

Many times we get hurt by others whose intentions may not be to hurt us but they do by saying or doing things to us that do hurt us. We need to forgive them and allow JESUS to heal those areas in us so we can be made whole again. My prayer is if you have been hurt by a spiritual wolf or even another sheep, a brother or sister in the Lord, that you will run into the arms of the SHEPHERD KING and let HIM mend your brokenness, heal your hurts, love your rejection away, remove the dirt of unforgiveness and sin and make you clean and whole again. Are you one of those wounded, hurt, and rejected lambs? IF you are, will you take a few moments and ask JESUS-YESHUA to help you?

ďJESUS, I thank YOU for bringing healing to me from all those who have hurt me, I choose to forgive the offense and hurt they caused me, and to forgive them. LORD JESUS-YESHUA I ask that you release me from the tormentors of unforgiveness that have kept me bound. For I have chosen to forgive those who have hurt me. Thank you JESUS for loving and caring about me. Help me LORD to know YOU more and to seek after YOU, to follow YOU wherever YOU lead me. Thank You JESUS- SHEPHERD KING, I love YOU.Ē

JESUS says ďMY sheep listen to MY voice; I know them, and they follow ME. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of MY hand. MY FATHER, who has given them to ME, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of MY FATHERS HANDS. I and MY FATHER are ONE.Ē John 10:27-30

Sincerely, Dana Hanson