"Standing On Holy Ground"

We can approach the Living GOD (YAVEH), HE wants us to draw near to HIM and not be afraid. HE desires our fellowship and love because HE is a Loving and Living GOD. Hebrews 4:16 says “Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

Being able to approach the Living GOD and enter into HIS presence is the highest honor we have been given as human beings. HIS heart rejoices when HIS children recognize what great a price HE paid to bring us into fellowship with HIM through the blood of HIS SON JESUS (YESHUA), HIS presence is what gives us life.

But this highest honor and privilege is not to be taken lightly or for granted, for we have a responsibility in order for us to be allowed to enter HIS presence. Like in Exodus 3:5 GOD said to Moses, “Do not come any closer, take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is Holy ground.”

Like Moses, I believe GOD also requires of us a holiness, a separation from sin and all evil and a commitment to righteousness. When we maintain our communion, fellowship with the LORD in obedience and honor HIM in our daily walk with HIM that is when HE will allow us to enter into HIS presence. HE doesn’t require us to be perfect, but to do our best and follow HIS WORD and walk in the truth we have been given each day.

As we remove from our walk, our life ALL that we know that is not pleasing to GOD, we can then enter into HIS presence without the stain of sin in our hearts or on our hands and feet, for sin separates us from GOD. We must be whole heartedly committed to the LORD and separated form all that offends HIM.

For GOD said in Psalm 24: 1-6, The earth is the LORD’S and everything in it, the world and all who live in it; for HE founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters. Who may ascend the hill of the LORD? Who may stand in HIS Holy place? He/she who has clean hands and a pure heart who does not lift up his/her soul to an idol or swear by what is false. He/she will receive blessing from the LORD and vindication from GOD his/her Savior. Such is the generation of those who seek HIM, who seek your face, O GOD of Jacob.

GOD has created all Nationalities, races and they all are beautiful, special and loved by HIM. We are also to show that love and respect to each man, woman and child and not judge them by their skin color. Let us O LORD come into your presence and stand before you on HOLY GROUND.

Sincerely, Dana Hanson

"IF THE PATH BEFORE YOU SEEMS TOO DIFFICULT TO WALK.... YOU MAY BE OUTGROWING YOUR SHOES!"--Bill Yount 1 Feb. 2006 Blowing the Shofar Ministries ; theshofarhasblown@juno.com

The enemy is saying to many this hour: "Your walk with God is really shaky and unstable. You can't seem to walk the path that has been set out before you. Look at your shoes! Your shoes are worn out from slipping and falling down and getting back up! Your feet cannot go another step because of the pain. You surely have missed the call of God!" "THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR WALK OF FAITH. IT'S NOT A FOOT PROBLEM; IT'S A SHOE PROBLEM! IT'S THOSE SHOES THAT ARE CONSTRICTING YOU!"I sense the Lord saying to many this hour: "Your walk may be shaky. But your walk of faith is what's pleasing me! The enemy is trying to convince you that this path is too difficult for you to walk on. Remember, he is a liar! It's not the road beneath your feet that is your problem. The real problem--or should I say--the real blessing is that you are outgrowing those shoes on your feet! That is why the path has been difficult. It's not a foot problem; it's a shoe problem! God is about to set your feet in a larger place.

In your distress, He is enlarging you! You are growing! "WE ARE NOW ENTERING A 'NO SHOE' ZONE... TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES FOR YOU ARE NOW ON HOLY GROUND! Recently, I was in a gathering where I sensed that most of us felt like we had gone as far as we could go in our callings, and it seemed we were unable to go any farther.

But the Lord's presence became so strong, and He began to speak, "Take off your shoes! You are on holy ground! You cannot go to where I am taking you with those shoes on your feet." Shoes began to slip off all over the place. "LEAVE YOUR SHOES OFF... I AM NOW STEPPING INTO THEM! I WILL TAKE OVER FROM HERE! "Just when we thought that holy moment was over and we should put our shoes back on, the Lord seemed to say, "Be careful that you don't put on anyone else's shoes.

Don't even put your own shoes back on. Leave your shoes off. I am now stepping into them! I will take over from here!" This is an hour when we need to allow our feet to be washed and anointed afresh as God Himself steps inside our shoes and takes over. "WHEN I WAS A LITTLE BOY, I STEPPED INTO MY FATHER'S SHOES BUT COULDN'T WALK IN THEM! "As a little boy, I once discovered my dad's big shoes and put my feet inside of them. I tried to walk but couldn't. I sense many have been trying to walk in their father's shoes or what their father and mother wanted them to be, but it is just not working for you! You were not created to walk in your father's shoes or anybody else's. Not even your own anymore! "I WANT YOU 'BAREFOOT AND PREGNANT' WITH MY PURPOSES! I have heard the phrase:

"Barefoot and Pregnant!" I sense the Father saying that to His People this hour. "I want you barefoot and pregnant... with My purposes! Abide in My holy, secret place with Me as I wash your feet to walk in the beauty of holiness."

"LET ME TELL YOU WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH THOSE SHOES... THROW THEM!" In Psalm 60:8, David is prophesying victory over his enemies in the midst of defeat, saying:

"Moab is my washpot (footbath); Edom will I 'cast out my shoe'; over Philistia will I triumph!" -Psalm 60:8 In Dake's reference Bible, to "cast out my shoe" means taking possession. When one bought a piece of property in olden times, he received the shoe of the seller in the presence of the elders of Israel as a sign of change of possession. It symbolized that the right to tread the soil belonged to the new owner of it--the transfer of the sandal as a token of transfer of ownership. To David, this meant that Edom (enemy territory) would be redeemed and owned by God as a place of refuge for His outcast people during times of tribulation. I once was on a farm owned by a Jewish believer. He was having problems over the boundary line of his property with someone who claimed ownership of land that wasn't rightfully his. The Jewish believer took me to the top of a hill. I blew the shofar, and he took off his boot and threw it as far as he could toward the direction of what he knew was his rightful property. We walked to pick up his boot later, and it had landed upright facing us! I later heard that the property, little by little, began to become his, in spite of the opposition of the other person who was claiming rights to it! "TAKE YOUR SHOE AND, BY FAITH, THROW IT OVER THE TERRITORY THE ENEMY HAS STOLEN FROM YOU OR THE TERRITORY HE DEFEATED YOU IN!" By faith, throw your shoe as hard as you can throw it over your lost loved one, over your sickness, over your property, over your finances, and prophesy.