"The Spirit & The Word"

During worship on 5/22/03 I saw a huge white horse and it looked like it was riding on a large white opened book. They looked like they were blended into one. Following behind them were what looked like 5 other horses of different colors.

These 2 white images of Horse and opened Book stood out. I asked the LORD, “what are You showing me?” and then I sensed it was the HOLY SPIRIT and the WORD OF GOD, COMING TOGETHER AS ONE. They looked like they were in the heavenly realm but that they were headed to earth. As they soared towards the earth there appeared to be a spiritual liquid rain being released from them, dropping to the earth.

I sensed that this was something that the Church has not experienced before, at least not in this fullness. It was so powerful. I saw it and sensed it. They were both alive and as one. You could not separate them nor should they be.

I sensed the other 5 horses represented the 5 fold ministries that were being released and coming forth in unity, following the SPRIT and THE WORD.

What I believe this part of the vision means is: GOD is releasing, bringing forth HIS SPIRIT AND HIS WRITTEN WORD as ONE to HIS CHURCH, HIS children on earth.

In the Church we have all heard many teachings from the WORD spoken, and many times, it’s been a human interpretation of it and many times its been taught in error and without the SPIRIT OF GOD IN IT. This has produced a dry and dead sermon, where instead of the preaching bringing GODS LIFE into the hearers it has brought error, dryness, emptiness and in some cases death. Why? Because the SPIRIT OF GOD wasn’t in it.

But we can rejoice! Because I believe GOD is changing HIS people’s hearts that want HIS TRUTH, and that will preach HIS WORD by HIS SPIRIT and bring forth the full counsel of HIS WORD, both Old and New Testament. HE is bringing forth and raising up more men, women, youth and even children anointed and called by HIM to speak forth HIS WORD BY HIS SPIRIT that will truly change people’s lives. We can’t preach the WORD with out the SPIRIT and you can’t have the SPIRIT without the WORD and be effective for GOD. WE need BOTH, TOGETHER.

This, I believe GOD is doing ,as we totally empty ourselves of our self, and let HIM pour HIS SPIRIT INTO US DAILY. We need to be yielded vessels unto HIM, and allow HIS WORD & HIS SPIRIT to operate in and through us so HIS PERFECT WILL, WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED IN THE EARTH.

Sincerely, Dana Hanson