"Through Me"

This painting symbolizes JESUS/YESHUA as the Gate, the Door; it's through HIM that we can enter into the Kingdom of GOD. It's through HIM that our names are written in the Book of Life. It's through HIM that we have our being; It's through HIM that our life is alive, that we have purpose, that we have a destiny, that we have hope on earth and one day in eternity. It's through HIM that we breathe; it's through HIM that we are HIS heirs; it's through HIM that we can be children of the MOST HIGH GOD. There is no other way to the FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH CHRIST JESUS. THE SON. JESUS is the LION OF JUDAH, THE KING OF KINGS THE NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES, and THE MOST POWERFUL BEING THAT EVER EXISTED. To know HIM is to truly live, to know HIM is to know HIS PEACE, HIS FULLNESS OF JOY AND HIS LOVE.

JOHN 10:7-10 JESUS SAID, "I MYSELF AM THE DOOR for the sheep. "I AM THE DOOR anyone who ENTERS THROUGH ME will be SAVED, (will live.)...

In JESUS day, the sheepfold in the warmer season was located in the highland pasture. It had stones from the pasture itself piled on top of each other until they formed a wall. The wall had one opening that served as a gate, a door through which the sheep could enter and leave. The Shepherd would lie down in the opening as a literal door, gate to the fold.

In this parable is a picture of a relationship with GOD that includes forgiveness of sin, Salvation & Eternal Life in which JESUS is the way, HE is the Door, and it's THROUGH HIM that this is all possible.


By coming to know JESUS you will get to know THE FATHER, because JESUS is the fullest expression of THE FATHER, to know one is the know the other so to speak. JESUS is the one through whom GOD has fully revealed HIMSELF. JESUS is the one through whom GOD has saved the whole world from the power of sin and death. HE is the HOPE OF THE WORLD. Coming to GOD THE FATHER is through JESUS CHRIST/YESHUA MESSIAH HIMSELF, not a religious system.

You can know the ONE TRUE GOD, pray this, “Father GOD I submit my life to YOU, please forgive me of all my sin, wash me clean, I submit my heart and life to YOU, LORD JESUS CHRIST, come into my life, my heart and fill me with your Spirit of Truth, I want to live for YOU, I want to know YOU. Help me to know YOU personally, this I ask in JESUS MIGHTY NAME. Thank YOU, for receiving me and making me YOUR child, Amen!!!!. Congratulations for entering into the KINGDOM OF GOD.

Sincerely, Dana Hanson